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About Us

The luxury.  The opulence.  The Experience.

Welcome to Casa Truffle®


Since 2013, Casa Truffle has proudly delivered exceptional, authentic truffles straight from the fertile lands of Northern Italy.  Offering carefully harvested truffles that have been gathered by authentic hunters with generations of experience in the craft, Casa Truffle proudly supplies food aficionados, world class chefs, and culinary fanatics with the divine experience of this delicate tuber.  Our team of experienced professionals provide a superior product, exceptional service, and superb shipping to our customers throughout the globe.

It’s About More than Food:  It’s about Values


At Casa Truffle, we take our commitment to excellence seriously.  We believe we have a sacred responsibility to provide a wide variety of top-notch truffle products that will delight the senses and spark endless joy.  To ensure the ultimate freshness and perfect truffle experience, Casa Truffle hunts and harvests each truffle at its peak freshness, carefully packages and prepares the truffle, and then sends the delicate parcel on its way to our eager clients by way of long currier service.  We proudly partner with young people with a fiery passion for speed, and an incredible energy that is simply infectious.  The results?  An incredible and delightful feast for the senses that you won’t soon forget, delivered straight to your door quickly, safely, and deliciously.


Constantly Learning.  Committed to Giving Back.


Even with combined decades of experience hunting, harvesting, and shipping truffles – we understand that this is a never-ending educational opportunity, and we are humble enough to eagerly learn throughout the process.  We work hard to be up on the latest information, tools, and methods that will help provide a better experience to our customers, all the while understanding that it is our responsibility to do our part to make our world a brighter, happier, and healthier place for future generations.  As such, Casa Truffle is dedicated to giving back to both Mother Nature and science, actively working with and donating our time, money, and expertise to medical scientists working towards understanding human genetic disorders.  


Thank you for sharing your love for this delicacy with us, we are humbled and honored to share our passion and commitment for delivering this luxurious delicacy with you.