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Truffles Comparison

Have you been wondering how much a truffle should taste? Perhaps the relation between its smell and flavor? Why do some truffle's aroma is so intense and its taste not so much?

Here we present you a chart that can answer some of these questions using as reference a known ingredient as is the garlic. In this chart you will find the intesity of the flavor, the intensity of the aroma, the shelf life and some extra factors of comparison of the winter white truffle, black winter truffle and the black summer truffle.

Truffles Taste and Aroma Intensity Comparison Chart

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Truffles are one of the world’s most desired delicacies, and the black and white truffles from Alba are among the best and most unique in the world. Through the efforts of Casa Truffle, Alba truffles and its finished truffle products will now be available to the US market.