White and Black Truffle Serving Size and Uses Explained

A little bit goes a long way

This is what many people think of truffles, but actually how much of that “little bit” of truffle is needed in order to enjoy them properly?

Truffles Explained

First of all it’s important to mention that truffles have a very uncommon bouquet and flavor that is easily recognizable. The truffle bouquet is persistently pungent which is the reason why just a small amount can be easily recognized (kind of like being the only shark in a tank of sardines).

Many people describe the scent and flavor of truffles as “strong”, but actually it is not, garlic is strong.Just
think of how garlic will overtake a dish with just a bit and how it will stay for at least 24 hours in your taste buds no matter what. This doesn’t happen with truffles.

White Truffles will “punch you in the face” with their pungent aroma and will spread around your fridge but their flavor will vanish away easily in presence of different spices such pepper and garlic as well as with the use of too much heat. This is why the absolutely best way to enjoy white truffles is by only slicing them over simple dishes.

Uses for White Truffles

Cooking with white truffles can be intimidating because of their culinary reputation and high demand in top gourmet restaurants, but actually you don’t have to be chef to successfully use truffles in the kitchen.

Here the 3 most simple dishes to enjoy truffles respecting their tradition, their flavors and your reputation as the boss of your kitchen! 😉

  1. Eggs, with their mild taste eggs are the very best way of enjoying truffles.
  2. Pasta
  3. Risotto

What is the right serving size for truffles?

It is really dependant on the type of dish the truffles will be used on and the type (black or white) of truffles you are using. For example, the guideline for the most traditional truffle topped dishes is as follows:

truffle serving size

To sum it up, these are just guidelines. As you watch the video below, it can be a bit confusing to know exactly how much truffle should be sliced on a dish. The guidelines are just that, guidelines. Feel free to use as much or as little as you want, so long as you enjoy the elegance and mystery of the beloved truffle. Check out the video below as Fidel catches up with one of the Alba Truffle Fair judges, Giorgio Ricchiarvi, an he asks him about the proper amount of truffles to be use and when to use them.

Bon Appetit!