Paradigms Shifting in Truffle World

<The following idea is patent pending>

For longest time truffles has been precisely sliced in thin cuts over tajarin, risotto, row meat and many other dishes. That is the paradigm.

The aim of slicing them is to cover as much surface is possible over the dish we are trying to pair, in this way most of the flavor will spread out over the dish. (at least this is the intention)

The amount recommended to slice is about 10gr per person (0,35 oz).

The shifting is the following:

BUT! what if we tell you that in addition to the traditional method of truffle shaving we have found a “new/old” way of spreading the flavor and increasing it in at the same time?

The answer is WASABI GRATER. yes! Wasabi is often grated with a metal oroshigane, but some prefer to use a more traditional tool made of dried sharkskin with fine skin on one side and coarse skin on the other. A hand-made grater with irregular teeth can also be used. If a shark-skin grater is unavailable, ceramic is usually preferred.


Surprisingly, wasabi and truffles have more or less the same consistency for which using a wasabi grater to grate truffles is one of the most revolutionary methods of serving truffles. It not only increase the flavor by A LOT, but actually spread all over the dish and the result is AMAZING!

In order to show you how much the flavor comes out the truffles, we made a video where you can see it yourself.


Fidel Gamboa,
CEO Casa Truffle®