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White Truffle Oil

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White Truffle Oil

Our crafted White Truffle Oils are meticulously made in very limited quantities by our truffle hunters in Alba, Italy. Truffle oils are an excellent way of adding a gourmet touch by just drizzling very little over your prepared dishes.


“Truffle oil is perhaps the most common enhancer of gourmet dishes in the modern kitchen after fresh truffles.”

Truffle oil is an infusion of olive oil with exquisite truffle flavor. Unlike fresh truffles, truffle oil has a long storage period and can become a consistent gourmet ingredient in your cuisine.

How is White Truffle Oil Made?

Our Truffle oil is made by infusing second-press olive oil From the Liguria region with the essences of the white truffle.

The common myth is that truffle oil is produced like olive oil – by pressing the product to obtain its essence. In contrast to olives, truffles are water-based. Truffle flavor is obtained by reproducing its molecular structure with which olive oil is infused.

We use fresh second-press oil to allow the truffle flavor to dominate. First-pressed, or extra virgin, olive oil is concentrated and flavorful. Combining it with a white truffle would create an overwhelming experience.

In Your Kitchen
White truffle oil should be added when a dish is already cooked. When heated, the truffle’s delicate aromas may be lost. If the recipe requires cooking with oil, like the popular truffle french fries, it is better to use regular olive oil during preparation and adding truffle oil after.

Truffle oil uses are countless.

Here are some suggestions:
on eggs prepared in any way you like;
on a caprese salad;
on mini burgers;
on pizza;
on a club sandwich;
on carbonara;
on mashed potatoes and parmesan;
on mac-and-cheese: make a parmesan layer on top, drizzle truffle oil and broil until golden;
on a baked potato with sour cream and chives;
drizzle over chicken, meat, fish and pork;
spray over french fries after frying.

Appetizer Ideas:
On a cracker with Brie and Prosciutto di Parma;
On a cracker with cream cheese and shrimp;
Over bruschetta;
Over fresh olives.

Wine Pairing Suggestions

Eggs with truffle oil are best when paired with a Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) or a Bellini (Prosecco and peach juice);
For main dishes such as carbonara or mac-and-cheese, a sparkling Franciacorta is excellent, although Dolcetto or Chianti Classico are a personal favorite.
Truffle oil dishes with meat pair best with heavier reds such Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbaresco, Montepulciano di Abruzzo and Cabernet;
Appetizers with truffle oil are excellent with beer, Arneis wine, an Aperol Spritz, or a Hemingway’s Iris. Cocktail recipes can be found below. On cold days, appetizers are best with red wines: Dolcetto, Barbera and Cabernets.

Aperol Spritz:
- 4.5 oz. Brut Prosecco
- 2.5 oz. Aperol
- lime slice
- 1 oz. club soda
- optional: green olive
Serve in a wine glass with ice.

Hemingway’s Iris:
- 4.5 oz. Prosecco
- 2.5 oz. white Vermouth
- 1 oz. orange juice
- orange slice
Serve in a wine glass with ice.

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Truffles are one of the world’s most desired delicacies, and the black and white truffles from Alba are among the best and most unique in the world. Through the efforts of Casa Truffle, Alba truffles and its finished truffle products will now be available to the US market.