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Truffle Honey - 3.7 OZ

Truffle Honey - 3.7 OZ

$ 24.00

Truffle honey is the most exotic ingredient of the modern gourmet kitchen. Adding truffle honey will enhance any dish, savory or sweet. It is used to lighten and balance sharp foods, such as salty mountain cheeses and cured meats, and does wonders as a contrasting ingredient in other dishes.

Truffle Honey- A Blend of Rare Ingredients

Casa del Tartufo Truffle Honey is made from white and summer truffle flavors combined with Piedmont acacia honey. The truffles used are the distinguished gourmet truffles from Alba, a town in the Piedmont region of Italy. Acacia honey, also from Piedmont, is celebrated for its light sweetness that ideally complements the truffle’s pungent aroma. This blend is perfectly balanced between the sweet delicate and the earthy mushroom flavors. 

Truffle Honey Uses

Adding a drop of truffle honey to a cheese dish creates a harmonic union of flavors. The natural flowery sweetness of the acacia honey reduces the cheese’s sharpness, while the cheese’s salt simultaneously enhance the truffle flavor.

Truffle Honey Storage

Truffle honey has a shelf life of over two years, so it can be enjoyed even when truffles are not in season. Store in a dry place away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

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Truffles are one of the world’s most desired delicacies, and the black and white truffles from Alba are among the best and most unique in the world. Through the efforts of Casa Truffle, Alba truffles and its finished truffle products will now be available to the US market.