Frequently Asked Questions

“A fresh truffle’s aroma and flavor are very unique and exquisite. Truffles intrigue my scent memory and challenge my mind, yet I cannot trace the association to it. Why is it so?”

You are not alone in your search for answers about truffles. Presented here is a list of common Questions and their Answers that Casa Truffle assembled based on a survey of 1000 customers.

We hope you find the answers your are looking for here and thank you for your interest in truffles.

I heard about them, I had them, I love them, but what are truffles exactly?

A truffle is a subterranean fungus that grows wild in certain regions of the world during a season when the temperature and humidity are most suitable. (Kingdom: Fungus; family: Tuberaceae; class: Tuber). Most desirable, most exquisite truffles grow in certain regions of Europe, including Alba, Italy, and Burgundy, France.

Why do truffles have such a distinctive aroma unlike anything else?

Truffles are praised for their unusual aroma that transforms any dish. In the wild, truffles emanate this aroma to attract animals that would dig into the soil and help disperse the truffle’s spores, thus serving its reproduction.

Why are truffles so expensive?

A truffle’s price is determined on whether its aroma and flavor are unique, whether it was found in the wild, and whether the harvest season is agreeable. The rarest types of truffle are impossible to cultivate, which renders the ones “hunted” in the wild by trained dogs more pricey. Additionally, the truffle harvest season varies each year, depending on the climate.

What is a truffle’s shelf life?

Considering the time from its picking and traveling from Europe to your table, truffles are best when consumed within 7-10 days after purchase.

How can I store a truffle longer than the recommended shelf life?

The fresher the truffle, the more exquisite its taste. If you are not sure you will consume a fresh truffle within the recommended 7-10 days, try our truffle products with a longer shelf life. Casa Truffle offers white and black truffles preserved in olive oil, as well as truffle pure’, truffle extract and other products.

What is the nutritional value of a truffle?

The serving size of a truffle is too small to act as a primary nutritional source. Although truffles have certain beneficial elements, they are a great addition to a dish mainly for pleasure and feast of the palate.

What is the nutritional composition of a truffle?

For every 100 gr. (3.5 oz)

Element Black Truffle
(Tuber melanosporum)
White Truffle
(Tube magnatum)
Water 69 gr 69 gr
Energy 82,95 Kcal 56 Kcal
Carbohydrates 13 gr 7.4 gr
Lipids 0.50 gr 0.5 gr
Protein 9 gr 5.50 gr
Fiber 16.54 gr 16 gr
Potassium 431 mg 526 mg
Calcium 24 mg 24 mg
Phosphorus 62 mg 62 mg
Iron 3.5 mg 3.5 mg
Magnesium 28 mg 24 mg
Sodium 77 mg 77 mg