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10 Great Ways to Use Truffle Oil

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What is Truffle Oil Made From?

Truffle oil is typically made from the aroma and essence of the white or black truffle, and then combined with a carrier oil, such as Olive oil. The flavors of truffle oil are so elegant, it doesn’t take a large amount to add the truffle experience to nearly any dish. Be cautious about where you buy your truffle oil from nowadays. Some of the inexpensive truffle oils on the market may be made from synthetic truffle flavors and do not contain the true essence of the truffle.

Casa Truffle makes our white truffle oil using only natural ingredients, using real white truffles to create our much sought after, white truffle oil.

To honor the flavor and tradition of the white truffle, we have come up with 10 simple ways to use truffle oil to enhance some everyday dishes. The addition of truffle oil will not only make these dishes taste better, it will have you scratching your head and asking yourself why you never tried this before.

Uses for White Truffle Oil

 1. Truffle Fries

We use white truffle oil to enhance the flavor of French fries (potato wedges etc.…) by gently tossing the cooked fries in our truffle oil just prior to serving. For even more truffle flavor, add a dash of our delicious truffle salt to the dish and surprise your taste buds.

 2. Truffle popcorn

We regret not sharing this one a long time ago. Popcorn goes from bland to bam after you top it off with a healthy serving of truffle oil. Don’t forget to add a dash of truffle salt to the popcorn to make it even more gourmet.

 3. Egg Dishes

truffled devil eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods in the kitchen. Add truffle oil to a dish of scrambled eggs. Top off a tasty mushroom and onion omelet with some truffle oil. Or simply drizzle it over hard boiled eggs. To really surprise your friends at the next dinner party, add some to your deviled eggs recipe and see the reaction you guests will have.

 4. Risotto

Nothing says Italy more than a nice dish or risotto prepared with your favorite flavors. Traditionally, the dish is made with broth and parmesan but the funs doesn’t stop there. Drizzle some white truffle oil over the dish and watch the magic happen.

 5. Beef Carpaccio

Thinly shaved beef is topped with fresh shaved parmesan, arugula and finished with lemon juice and truffle oil. This appetizer will have your friends and family come back for more. Additionally, you could shave fresh truffle onto the carpaccio.

 6. Pizza

Yes, even pizza does well with truffle oil. Sprinkle it onto the crust or even use a little on the rest of the pizza. We enjoy a little hard-boiled egg on our pizza, so adding truffle oil is our way of saying “life is good”. And don’t forget to add truffle oil to your white pizza.

 7. Truffled Mash Potatoes

truffled mash potatoes

Mash potatoes will never be the same after adding our decadent truffle oil to your favorite recipe. Prepare your potatoes using a generous amount of butter and cream and mash together well. Prior to serving, stir in the truffle oil and watch the magic happen. Check out our recipe here.

 8. Steak

truffle steak

This is quite simple. Drizzle truffle oil on your perfectly cooked steak, and top with a sprinkle of truffle salt, and serve. Your taste buds will thank you for the experience. This also works well with other quality cuts of meat such as rib eye, prime rib, sirloin and even fish.

 9. Truffle Oil Vinaigrette    (Truffle Oil Salad Dressing)

This is such a versatile recipe. It can be premade and stored in the refrigerator for a few days. Combine olive oil along with a couple teaspoons of truffle oil, add some fresh lemon juice, truffle salt, pepper and a dash of Dijon mustard and you have an excellent marinade or salad dressing.

 10. Truffle Potato Chips

This one is becoming increasingly popular at some of the more popular foodie joints. It is really quite simple. Slice potatoes super thin, fry them up until light brown, sprinkle with chives, pepper, truffle salt and then drizzle white truffle oil over them and serve immediately.

This list is just the beginning. Using our imaginations, truffle oil can be used in a variety of other dishes outside of the real of Italian cooking. With their unique flavor and increasing popularity, truffle have become one of the greatest additions to the modern cooks arsenal of decadent foods.

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Truffles are one of the world’s most desired delicacies, and the black and white truffles from Alba are among the best and most unique in the world. Through the efforts of Casa Truffle, Alba truffles and its finished truffle products will now be available to the US market.